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Freethought Forum on Community TV of Knoxville
A joint production of the Atheist Society of Knoxville (ASK) and the Rationalists of East Tennessee (RET)
Tuesdays, 5:30 - 6:00 PM, Community Television of Knoxville (CTV)
Comcast Channel 12 or Charter Channel 6 in Knox County, Tennessee
Live streaming online at http://www.ctvknox.org/

Future Shows

Inspired War
Hosts: Joe Barnhart, Faithless Forrest (with the spirit of Robert G. Ingersoll.)
Summary: We ask believers, "Have you read the Bible? Is it true? Is it a reliable model for morality?" If the Bible be true, while wandering for 40 years after leaving Egypt and before settling in to their new Jehovah given home, Moses and his followers killed or drove out 21 millions of people. If the Bible be true, God instructed the Hebrews to kill the Canaanites slowly, giving as a reason that the beasts of the field might increase upon his chosen people. If the Bible be true, God commanded that the men, women and young boys of Midian be killed. What did Moses command for the young women?

Godless Constitution
Hosts: Larry Rhodes, Faithless Forrest
Summary: Our Constitution defines and creates our government. For 223 years the constitution has been the supreme law of the land. Now theists want to rewrite history trying to trump the national charter of our democratic republic with irrational dogma and superstition. We ask believers to find God, Jesus or Christ in the Constitution. Can you find a president, democractically elected law makers and trial by jury in the Bible?

Gender Issues
Hosts: Schera Chadwick, Joe Barnhart

Is God Good?
Hosts: Larry Rhodes, Joe Barnhart

Evolution, Real Genesis
Hosts: Larry Rhodes, Faithless Forrest
Summary: In biology evolution is the defining principal by which we can see that the patterns of similarities and differences are the result of common heritage. All multicellular life appears to be related through common descent.

Show number 8: Showing October 19, 2010.
Hosts: Joe Barnhart, Faithless Forrest
Summary: Every christian is better than the God of the bible.

Show number 9: Showing October 26, 2010.
Halloween Show
Hosts: To be announced ( Joe & Mitra Jafarzadeh ?)
Summary: Comparative religion, ( Hell Houses. All saints eve? Fall festival? Cross Quarter point?)

Other possible topics:

  • Freethought Resources
  • Non-religious celebrations: Weddings, Funerals
  • Christian Nation
  • All religions can't be right
  • Evolution
  • Intelligent design
  • Creation stories from around the world
  • Scientific Origins
  • Atheists in foxholes
  • Loss of faith
  • Closet atheists
  • Is God good?
  • Is Bible good?
  • Hell
  • Solstice show
  • More comparative religion ancient and modern
  • Historicity of Jesus
  • Jesus claims v actual
  • Born again
  • Atheist in fox holes
  • What is the origin of evil?
  • How do we know what we know or think we know?
  • Mock interview of Jehovah and his son
  • Telephone interview prominent atheists. Example Annie Laurie Gaylor, Mike Newdow, and litigants for freethought in the news.
  • The Problems of Christian dogma. ( Andrea Yates )

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