Rationalists of East Tennessee Newsletter - January, 2010 – written by Dave Buck


THANK YOUs......


Solstice Party: Thanks so much Colleen, Greg, and Cary for hosting RET

members and friends at your home and for all of the wonderful food and

beverages you provided.


Survey: Thank you members who have already completed our annual

survey. For those who have not yet completed this 8-item

questionnaire, go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/P8XL76Z to submit

your ideas. We want to hear from every member, regardless of

attendance or location. We'll summarize and discuss the results at the

Annual Business Meeting this month.




Sunday, January 3rd - Roundtable

Topic: The Common Good and Individual Liberty

Time/location: 10:30 - 12:30, Pellissippi State, Goins Bldg., Cafeteria Annex

Discussant: Florence Wilden


An exposition on the political ideologies of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, an

Enlightenment philosopher, and Ronald Dworkin, a Constitutional law

professor. In their writings on "The Social Contract" and "Sovereign

Virtue" each argues that the common good and individual liberty are

not in conflict but rather flow naturally into one and other.


Please note: No children's program this meeting.


Sunday, January 10th - Skeptic Book Club


Book:  Encyclopedia of Discouraging News

Discussion Leader: Gerald Armel (Local Author!)

Time and location: 4:00 to 6:00pm, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 8029

Kingston Pike.

If you have not already received a complimentary book from local

author Gerald Armel and would like to read a copy before the January

meeting, please contact him at service@sonomar.com and he will mail

one to you.


January 17th - Roundtable


Topic: The Practicality of Nonviolence: Thinking About Obama's Nobel Speech

Time/location: 10:30 - 12:30, Pellissippi State, Goins Bldg., Cafeteria Annex

Discussant: Ralph Hutchison, Director of Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance


Rev. Ralph Hutchison discusses the President's Oslo address, acclaimed

by NYT columnist David Brooks as the most profound of his presidency,

maybe his life.





Location: Normal meeting place at Pellissippi State:

Time: 10:00 for conversation and refreshments, officially start meeting at 10:30

Agenda: Summarize 2009, vote for officers and board members, and

discuss our goals for 2010.


All members or people wishing to join RET are requested to attend this

meeting. Remember to bring your annual dues! Only paid members will be

allowed to vote.


Dues:  Individual - $35 annually, life member - $500 one-time, student

or low income - $15 annually, subscription - $15 annually. You can

also choose to mail your dues in advance to Rationalists of East

Tennessee, P.O. Box 51634, Knoxville, TN 37950.


While you’re paying your dues, consider making a donation to RET.

Remember that just the room reservations alone are $50 a pop. It takes

14 members’ dues just to cover the cost of our meeting space! Then

there is the expense of invited speakers, social events,

advertisements, and technical equipment. Please support RET and

remember, your donation is tax exempt!


Motion to approve Minutes from 2009 Annual Business Meeting (after

distributing copies)

     - Treasurer:  Financial Report (Motion to approve Financial

Report (after distributing copies)

     - President: Speech

     - Election of Officers and Board Members for 2010


1) Mention that we have x number who are willing to serve

      (Secretary provides ballots)


2) Ask whether any more are interested in serving

      (Bylaws require that we set a maximum in a motion)


3) Motion - Maximum number of Board Members


4) Present slate to membership (informally - i.e., not on the record)


5) Ask for nominations from the floor


 6) Vote (Must be member to vote, pay dues now, Secretary and

President        count the votes)


PROPOSED SLATE  (as of 12/12/2009):


President:                         ?

Vice President:                 Donna Maxwell

Secretary:                         Aleta Ledendecker

Treasurer:                         Phil King

Board Members:              Eliot Specht, Ralph Isler, Dave Buck,

Jonas Holdeman, Andree Miller, Carl Ledendecker,  Margaret Klein,

Schera Chadwick


- New President (acceptance speech)

- General Membership Discussion of Needs

- Motion to Adjourn