Rationalists of East Tennessee

The group exists for people to benefit intellectually by meeting together to expand our understanding of reality through shared experience, knowledge, and ideas.

We encourage honest dialogue and analytic inquiry. There are no required beliefs to be a member, but discussions are framed in the context of a natural universe that can be explained through scientific principles.

From this perspective all human values (religious, ethical, and social) spring from genetics, experience, and culture.


If you are interested in this view of life, we meet in Knoxville, Tennessee, on the first Sunday of each month at the Board Room of the Candy Factory at the World's Fair Park. Check our meeting schedule for specific meeting topics, times, and places.


For additional information please call Carl Ledendecker at 423-982-8687, or visit our web site, send us e-mail, or write to us at 2123 Stonybrook Rd., Louisville, TN 37777-4221.

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