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The following links will bring you to the content of each issue of Reality Check as published in the printed version, starting from Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 1998.

Volume 2, Issue 4 - Winter 1999: Freethought basics, Editorial: The rationalistic fallacy,  Prelude to the 21st century, Why I became a skeptic, Messages from God and my answers, Rationalist news from around the world 

Volume 2, Issue 3 - Fall 1999: Editorial: Kansas, Kentucky, and... - On the relationship between science and knowledge, part II - The book that all freethinkers should read - Scopes trial and the press - CSICOP news

Volume 2, Issue 2 - Summer 1999: Fear of the apocalypse - On the relationship between science and knowledge, part I - Academic freedom, creationism, and the meaning of democracy - Book reviews in brief - Web sites for your thoughts: the Atlanta Freethought Society

Volume 2, Issue 1 - Spring 1999: On science and lay skeptics; It's a free country - not a Christian nation; Is religion good for you? - part II; On Clinton and Scientific ethics.

Volume 1, Issue 4 - Winter 1998: On Christmas; Is religion good for you? - part I; The humanist spirit in the third millennium: notes from a lecture by Dr. Huston Smith; Why are we pushing witchcraft on girls instead of science?; Things they didn't tell you about the Bible; Skeptic web sites: the Skeptic Society.

Volume 1, Issue 3 - Fall 1998: Is rationalism a dead cause?; An open letter to pessimistic rationalists, freethinkers and humanists; Why I actively oppose religion; How to misuse Darwin and (almost) get away with it; Generation X faces a crisis of credulousness.

Volume 1, Issue 2 - Summer 1998: Rationalism in East Tennessee; Einstein's credo; A brief history of skepticism - II; The many forms of atheism; Carlos Castaneda is, well, y'know, like maybe.

Volume 1, Issue 1 - Spring 1998: Welcome!; Methological vs. philosophical naturalism; Science religion and all that jazz; The impotence of   the omnipotent god; Some fascinating "energy"-related web sites; A brief history of skepticism - I.

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