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No Public Comment Heard at Blount County Commission Meeting

10/06/2015 10:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Tonight’s meeting of the Blount County Commission was to set the agenda for the regular Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 15. After the role was taken an it was established that a quorum was present, the commissioners voted against setting that agenda. Then there was an immediate motion to adjourn, before there could be any public comment. There were many people in the audience prepared to speak, including some representing the Rationalists of East Tennessee. In fact, the meeting room was filled and as many more waited in the hall and outside during the brief meeting. Those siding against the Karen Miller’s “Nullification of Marriage” Resolution had been advised to wear red and the courthouse crowd was awash in that color.

The question that remains is how this will now play out regarding the regular meeting scheduled for next week. Perhaps the agenda will be set immediately prior to that meeting, but at some point the commissioners will need to deal with the issue of this ill-conceived resolution.

In the mean time, a staff attorney from The Freedom from Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the Blount County Commission. Among other things, Grover asked that Commissioner Miller resign from her position if she cannot uphold the law.

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