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The following tapes can be obtained by sending a check or money order to: 

Rationalists of East Tennessee
1109 Venice Road
Knoxville, TN 37923-2048

  • "Creation-evolution debate I: Massimo Pigliucci vs. Duane Gish" at Mississippi State (1998), video, $10
  • "Does God Exist?", the Craig - Pigliucci debate, video, $10
  • "Darwinian Myths", Edward Caudill, video, $10
  • "Creation-evolution debate II: Massimo Pigliucci vs. Duane Gish" at the Church of Christ at Mountain View, Winchester, Virginia (May 20, 1999) video, $10; audio, $5
  • "Is Evolution or Special Creation a Better Explanation for the Diversity of Life on Earth?", Massimo Pigliucci vs Kent Hovind, October 28, 2000, University of Tennessee, video, $10

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