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 Title  Book Cover Author  Date 
Weirdest People in the World How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous  
Joseph Henrich  November 12, 2023
When Colorblindness Isn't the Answer: Humanism and the Challenge of Race
Anthony B. Pinn December 10, 2023
How the Word is Passed   Clint Smith January 14, 2024 
Democracy Awakening   Heather Cox Richardson February 11, 2024
Science Wars: The Battle over Knowledge and Reality   Steven L. Goldman March 10, 2024
Cool: How Air Conditioning Changed Everything   Salvatore Basile April 14, 2024
Tyranny, Inc.: How Private Power Crushed American Liberty--and What to Do About It   Sohrab Ahmari May 12, 2024
The Exceptions: Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the Fight for Women in Science   Kate Zernike June 9, 2024
 Starry Messenger    Neil deGrasse Tyson July 14, 2024 
 The Status Game   Will Storr   August 11, 2024

The Exvangelicals: Loving, Living, and Leaving the White Evangelical Church 

  Sarah McCammon  September 8, 2024 

Third Millennium Thinking:

Creating Sense in a World of Nonsense

  Saul Perlmutter, John Campbell, Robert MacCoun
October 13, 2024 

Preparing for War 

The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism and What Comes Next

 Bradley Onishi November 10, 2024 

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