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Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck

  • 06/23/2019
  • 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Bob Morris' House

Topic: Where is the Secular Movement Going? 

We have seen the chipping away at abortion & LGBTQ rights, the continuation of wealth inequality, the pushing of religious liberty in the area of discrimination rather than inclusion, and health care reform stagnation.  There also seems to be a disregard for the proper function of government.   There are about two dozen candidates in the democratic field, some far to the left, and the gains in Europe by the Green Party.  Should the Secular movement tack to center to try and support another neoliberal because this would be the best chance of winning or should it push its own agenda hoping that the country is ready for a real change?  Can it get its act together to vote as a block or will it be its usual scattered self?  Is it left of center, center, or no clear direction?

Please bring the usual pot luck, and Bob will provide some drinks and paper dinnerware. If you have strong legs, please park at the bottom of the driveway so others have less of a climb.

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