Upcoming events

    • 02/02/2020
    • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Pellissippi State Community College Goins Cafeteria Annex

    This is the annual business meeting, at which there will be reports of what RET has done during the past year and election of board members and officers. If you are interested in helping shape the future of RET, please consider contacting the board at bod@rationalists.org to volunteer to serve. 

    A slate wil be presented before the meeting, but nominations will also be taken from the floor at the meeting. 

    As usual, there will be coffee available early. We meet at the back of the Goins Administrative Building in the Cafeteria Annex. 

    • 02/09/2020
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Earthfare, 10903 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN 37934
     Educated: a Memoir

    by Tara Westover

    An unforgettable memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University

    Born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho, Tara Westover was 17 the first time she set foot in a classroom. Her family was so isolated from mainstream society that there was no one to ensure the children received an education and no one to intervene when one of Tara's older brothers became violent. When another brother got himself into college, Tara decided to try a new kind of life. Her quest for knowledge transformed her, taking her over oceans and across continents, to Harvard and to Cambridge University. Only then would she wonder if she'd traveled too far, if there was still a way home. 

    New Location and time:

    4 PM, Earthfare 10903 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN 37934 (community room)

    See a map 

    • 02/16/2020
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • 2123 Stonybrook Road, Louisville, TN

    Please note that things are switched up in February! 

    There is a special speaker the fourth Sunday in February, so reflections is moved to the third Sunday. 

    Also, this month the Ledendeckers will be hosting. 

    The topic will be "Activism. Do you get involved? What inspires you? Is there anything you would like to add to your activism?" 

    Bring a dish to share for a pot luck. Drinks and tableware will be available. 

    • 02/23/2020
    • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Pellissippi State Community College, Goins Administrative Building Cafeteria Annex

    Please note that this is a special date and time. 

    Dave Warnock, former Evangelical pastor will be our speaker. About ten years ago, Dave began a process of examining and investigating the faith claims of Evangelical Christianity. He came to the conclusion that the faith he had given his life to was something he could no longer embrace. At first calling himself an agnostic, but then embracing the term "atheist.". 

    In February of 2019 Dave was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). 

    Since then his has been  “Dying Out Loud,” - living life to the fullest and making plans to travel as much of the world as his body will allow. Come hear his inspirational talk about this process. 

    See more at <daveoutloud.com>

    Donations to help defray Dave's travel expenses are appreciated.

    Coffee and conversation start early as usual.


Past events

01/26/2020 Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck
01/19/2020 Third Sunday Meeting
01/12/2020 Skeptic Book Club
01/11/2020 Adopt-A-Highway
01/05/2020 First Sunday Meeting
12/15/2019 Third Sunday
12/08/2019 Skeptic Book Club
12/01/2019 First Sunday
11/17/2019 Third Sunday
11/10/2019 Skeptic Book Club
11/03/2019 First Sunday
10/27/2019 Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck
10/20/2019 Third Sunday
10/13/2019 Skeptic Book Club
10/12/2019 Adopt-A-Highway
10/06/2019 First Sunday
09/22/2019 Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck
09/15/2019 Third Sunday Presentation
09/08/2019 Skeptic Book Club
09/01/2019 First Sunday Presentation
08/25/2019 Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck
08/18/2019 Third Sunday Meeting
08/11/2019 Skeptic Book Club
08/04/2019 First Sunday Meeting
07/28/2019 Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck
07/21/2019 Third Sunday Meeting
07/21/2019 Third Sunday Meeting
07/14/2019 Skeptic Book Club
07/13/2019 Adopt a Highway
07/07/2019 First Sunday Meeting
06/23/2019 Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck
06/09/2019 Skeptic Book Club
06/02/2019 First Sunday Meeting
05/19/2019 Annual Free Public Lecture
05/12/2019 Skeptic Book Club
05/05/2019 First Sunday Roundtable
04/28/2019 Reflections: Discussion and Pot Luck
04/21/2019 Third Sunday Roundtable
04/14/2019 Skeptic Book Club
04/13/2019 Adopt-a-Highway
04/07/2019 First Sunday Meeting
03/24/2019 Reflections
03/17/2019 Third Sunday Meeting
03/10/2019 Skeptic Book Club
03/03/2019 First Sunday Meeting
02/17/2019 Third Sunday Meeting
02/10/2019 Skeptic Book Club
02/03/2019 First Sunday Meeting
01/20/2019 Third Sunday Meeting
01/13/2019 Skeptic Book Club
01/12/2019 Adopt-a-Highway
01/06/2019 First Sunday Meeting
01/06/2019 Board of Directors meeting
12/16/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
12/09/2018 Skeptic Book Club
12/02/2018 First Sunday Roundtable
11/25/2018 Reflections
11/18/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
11/11/2018 Skeptic Book Club
11/11/2018 Board of Directors meeting
11/04/2018 First Sunday Meeting
10/28/2018 Reflections
10/21/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
10/14/2018 Skeptic Book Club
10/13/2018 Adopt-a-Highway
10/07/2018 First Sunday Meeting
09/16/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
09/02/2018 RET First Sunday Meeting
08/19/2018 Trip to Gray Fossil Site and Museum, 1212 Suncrest Drive, Gray, Tennessee 37615
08/12/2018 Skeptic Book Club
08/05/2018 First Sunday Meeting
07/15/2018 Online Security and Privacy
07/08/2018 Skeptic Book Club
07/07/2018 Adopt-a-Highway
07/01/2018 NO RET First Sunday July 1
06/17/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
06/16/2018 Annual Summer Solstice Celebration
06/10/2018 Skeptic Book Club
06/03/2018 RET First Sunday
05/20/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
05/13/2018 Skeptic Book Club
05/06/2018 First Sunday Roundatable
05/03/2018 Annual Day of Reason Cook Out
04/29/2018 Annual Public Speaker
04/22/2018 Reflections—Discussion and Pot Luck
04/15/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
04/08/2018 Skeptic Book Club
04/07/2018 Adopt A Highway on Pellissippi
04/01/2018 First Sunday Roundtable
03/25/2018 Reflections - Are our smart phones psychologically ruining us?
03/18/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
03/11/2018 Skeptic Book Club
03/04/2018 First Sunday Meeting
02/25/2018 RET Reflections
02/18/2018 Third Sunday Meetinfg
02/11/2018 Skeptic Book Club
02/04/2018 Annual Membership Meeting
01/28/2018 RET Reflections
01/21/2018 Third Sunday Meeting
01/14/2018 Skeptic Book Club
01/13/2018 Trash Pickup on Pellissippi
01/07/2018 First Sunday Meeting
12/17/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
12/10/2017 Skeptic Book Club
12/03/2017 First Sunday Meeting
11/19/2017 RET Third Sunday Meeting
11/12/2017 Skeptic Book Club
11/05/2017 First Sunday Meeting
10/15/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
10/08/2017 Skeptic Book Club
10/07/2017 Trash pick-up on Pellissippi
10/01/2017 First Sunday Meeting
09/17/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
09/10/2017 Skeptic Book Club
09/03/2017 First Sunday Meeting
08/20/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
08/13/2017 Skeptic Book Club
08/06/2017 First Sunday Meeting
07/16/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
07/09/2017 Skeptic Book Club
07/08/2017 Trash pick-up on Pellissippi
06/18/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
06/11/2017 Skeptic Book Club
06/04/2017 First Sunday Meeting
05/21/2017 Third Sunday Meeting in May
05/14/2017 Skeptic Book Club
05/07/2017 First Sunday Presentation
05/04/2017 Day of Reason Cookout
04/30/2017 Annual Public Lecture - Hemant Mehta
04/23/2017 Reflections
04/16/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
04/09/2017 Skeptic Book Club
04/02/2017 First Sunday Presentation
04/01/2017 Trash pick-up on Pellissippi
03/26/2017 Reflections
03/19/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
03/12/2017 The Skeptic Book Club
03/05/2017 First Sunday "Genes, Environment and Fate: The Origins of Human DIfferences"
02/26/2017 Reflections
02/19/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
02/12/2017 Skeptic Book Club
02/05/2017 Annual Business Meeting
01/22/2017 Reflections
01/15/2017 Third Sunday Meeting
01/14/2017 Trash Pick Up on Pellissippi
01/08/2017 Skeptic Book Club
12/18/2016 RET Third Sunday Meeting in December
12/11/2016 Skeptic Book Club
12/04/2016 First Sunday Meeting
11/27/2016 Reflections
11/20/2016 Third Sunday Meeting
11/13/2016 Skeptic Book Club for November
11/06/2016 First Sunday
10/16/2016 RET Third Sunday Meeting
10/09/2016 Skeptic Book Club
10/08/2016 Trash Pickup on Pellissippi
10/02/2016 First Sunday: "Shifting Context: How Innocuous Legislation Becomes Controversial, Without Changing a Word"
09/18/2016 Third Sunday Meeting
09/11/2016 Skeptic Book Club
09/03/2016 Smoky Mountain Freethought Advance
08/28/2016 Reflections
08/21/2016 Third Sunday Meeting
08/14/2016 Skeptic Book Club
08/07/2016 First Sunday
07/24/2016 RET Reflections
07/23/2016 RET Highway Clean-Up
07/17/2016 Third Sunday Roundtable
07/10/2016 Skeptic Book Club
07/03/2016 First Sunday Meeting
06/26/2016 RET Reflections
06/19/2016 Third Sunday Meeting
06/12/2016 Skeptic Book Club
06/05/2016 First Sunday Meeting
05/15/2016 RET Annual Public Meeting
05/08/2016 Skeptic Book Club
05/05/2016 Bible Belt National Day of Reason Picnic
05/01/2016 First Sunday Meeting
04/24/2016 RET Reflections
04/23/2016 Adopt-A-Highway trash pickup
04/17/2016 Third Sunday Meeting
04/10/2016 Skeptic Book Club
04/03/2016 First Sunday Meeting
03/20/2016 Third Sunday Meting
03/13/2016 Skeptic Book Club
03/06/2016 First Sunday Meeting
02/21/2016 Third Sunday Meeting
02/16/2016 Free Thought Forum Community TV
02/14/2016 Free Thought Radio Hour
02/14/2016 Skeptic Book Club
01/24/2016 Reflections
01/23/2016 Free Thought Radio
01/21/2016 Free Thought Radio
01/17/2016 Third Sunday Meeting
01/16/2016 Adopt A Highway clean up
01/10/2016 Skeptic Book Club
01/03/2016 First Sunday Meeting
12/20/2015 Third Sunday Meeting
12/13/2015 Free Thought Radio Hour
12/13/2015 Skeptic Book Club
12/06/2015 First Sunday Meeting
11/22/2015 Reflections
11/15/2015 RET Third Sunday Meeting
11/08/2015 Skeptic Book Club for November
11/01/2015 First Sunday - Movie
10/24/2015 Adopt A Highway Trash Pickup
10/18/2015 Third Sunday Meeting
10/13/2015 Shelley Segal Concert
10/11/2015 Skeptic Book Club for October
10/04/2015 First Sunday Meeting
09/24/2015 Autumnal Equinox Picnic
09/20/2015 Third Sunday Meeting
09/13/2015 Skeptic Book Club for September
09/06/2015 First Sunday Meeting
08/16/2015 Third Sunday Meeting
08/09/2015 Skeptic Book Club for August
07/03/2015 Smoky Mountain Advance
05/17/2015 Third Sunday Meeting
11/15/2014 The Demography of Unbelief
10/31/2014 Halloween Luncheon
10/19/2014 3rd Sunday Meeting
09/30/2014 Freethought Forum on Community TV of Knoxville
09/23/2014 Freethought Forum on Community TV of Knoxville
09/21/2014 3rd Sunday Meeting
09/16/2014 Freethought Forum on Community TV of Knoxville
09/14/2014 Skeptic Book Club
09/14/2014 Skeptic Book Club
09/09/2014 Freethought Forum on Community TV of Knoxville
09/07/2014 First Sunday Meeting
09/02/2014 Freethought Forum on Community TV of Knoxville
08/26/2014 Freethought Forum on Community TV of Knoxville

Upcoming events

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